When you want excellent podcast service, you want Vita Voca. We can help from A to Z, from purchase and advice on material up to publication. Not only do we offer a helping hand in the technical support, but we are also happy to help with the creative part if needed.

We are (as far as we could find) the only podcast editor company that have international graduated musicians. For example, our podcast editors make original podcast jingles and music for our clients. This music is used exclusively for the podcast. If the company has a new concept that they want to try out, we can just as easily make new podcast jingles so that it perfectly matches the project.

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Podcast editor - Rick

- Your personal podcast editor

Collaborations with among others:

A fully edited podcast within 48 hours, that’s what we aim for each day, and with success! We value fast communication and quality output, so for each podcast you can expect best from us, we are very proud of it and like to keep that promise.

Podcasts are increasingly being recorded with video so that companies reach target groups that are less interested and active in audio only content. Fortunately, we can also take the video editing off your hands with a fast return.

We have beautiful microphones to record voice overs with multiple voice actors. Interested in what we can offer? Just give us a message and we’ll set you up with the right fit. We are experienced with commercials, movie trailers and audio books.

Our Music and Musicians

If there is one unique selling point at our business, it’s our network of professional musicians and producer that can create music for every situation. Yes, you can look into libraries of music with all the same boring background music or we can create an entire musical world that fits within your podcast.

Here you can listen to some examples that we have made for customers as a podcast service. We are very agile when it comes to styles, so you can surprise us with your wishes.


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